Ukraine intelligence ‘confirms’ Russian forces using Starlink

Starlink terminals, which provide high-speed communications, have been vital in giving Ukraine’s military an edge over invading Russian troops.

Ukrainian intelligence said it has confirmed that Russian forces are using satellite internet service Starlink on the battlefield in occupied areas in the east of the country.

Releasing what it said on Sunday was proof, Ukraine’s military intelligence said it has confirmed earlier reports that of the “systemic” use by Russian troops of terminals of Elon Musk’s satellite communications system.

Starlink systems have been vital for Ukraine‘s battlefield communications in Russia’s nearly two-year-old invasion as Kyiv has faced a larger and better-equipped military. The personal control of Starlink by the US billionaire, who has regularly repeated Kremlin talking points regarding the conflict, remains a concern for Kyiv and its allies.

The terminals were rushed in to help Ukraine after Russia’s February 2022 invasion and have been vital to Kyiv’s battlefield communications.

Following reports in Ukraine, Space X said last week that it “does not do business of any kind with the Russian government or its military”.

However, the Ministry of Defence’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) posted an audio clip on Telegram which it said featured Russian troops discussing setting up the terminals in eastern Ukraine.