A platform for raising the voice of the voiceless and many more


Voice for Justice represents the unheard voices of voiceless people the world over living under extremely difficult political, social and economic conditions, conditions not of their making, that need to be exposed.

Impoverishment, exploitation and marginalization lead to injustices to the voiceless, devoid of education, good health and decreasing life expectancy with their children fast becoming the underclass of the underprivileged.

It is extremely difficult to describe the miseries that these peoples have to endure, and they have little hope of calling attention of their plight. The world media is controlled largely by conglomerates that influence public opinion. A medium that is free of control by vested interests is a rare phenomenon.

It is in this context that some freelance amateur journalists and professional academics have banded together to undertake the ambitious task of making a dent in the print media to educate and inform the world, which has little or no knowledge of the voiceless half around the world. The journal is also intended to provide a forum for these people to freely express their views.

As a result of questions as to how we could be of assistance to these people, we have decided to dedicate our time and energies to a publication that focuses on these people whose rights and justice are being denied.

This publication is not intended to pursue a particular ideology or to be a critique of governments, institutions or any group. Voice for Justice has no affiliation to any group or organization and is not motivated by any political consideration. The prime objective is to be a catalyst to sensitize the rest of the world by drawing their attention to the problems and injustices. We believe those distant and voiceless voices must be heard.

We invite you to contribute articles and papers and participate in other ways, including financial support, in making this newspaper venture a success. We will initially start off with a monthly publication from November 1, 2017. As we get more support from readers and commercial establishments, we will make it bi-weekly and then weekly.

Together, we can change society!