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About Us

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

Like all people around the world, we are trying to do our bit to build a just and fair society. Voice for Justice can be heard only through the resources and support of literate and concerned people like you.

Voice for Justice will be published monthly. Our first publication will come out on November 1, 2017. Our goal is to keep world communities aware of the problems faced by people whose legitimate rights have been denied. When justice is denied, freedom is lost.

Voice for Justice will shed light on any injustice that has occurred anywhere in the world and in any area of human life, whether it be politics, law, science, technology, environment, health, culture, women’s affairs, seniors’ affairs, and children’s affairs. Innocent people’s social and economic conditions have progressively deteriorated due to increasing impoverishment, exploitation and marginalization leading to their economic and social isolation. Devoid of education, good health and decreasing life expectancy, their children are fast becoming the underclass of the underprivileged.

There are few words in any language to describe their miseries. Their voices remain unheard.

The world media is owned largely by conglomerates that control and influence public opinion. A media free of control by vested interests is a rare phenomenon. In this context, some freelance journalists and professional academics have undertaken the ambitious task of using the online and print media to educate and inform the rest of the world. This publication is not intended to pursue a particular ideology or to be a critique of governments, institutions or any group. The prime objective of Voice for Justice is to be a catalyst to sensitize the rest of the world by drawing its attention to the problems and injustices.

We need your support. We urge you to subscribe to this newspaper by paying $12 per year for 12 issues or $20 for 24 issues (2 years). If you can afford to pay more, please do so. We will issue receipts for the amount you pay.

If you are a commercial establishment, Voice for Justice is a good vehicle to tell others about yourself, and advertise your products. Please send us your advertisement particulars to have them designed in our newspaper TODAY. We will also design an ad for you free of charge, based on business details you provide.

Please send your details and cheques payable to: Voice for Justice, 27-80 Nashdene Road

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