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Mani Ratnam fans celebrate 20 years of Alaipayuthey online

On the film's 20th anniversary, the director had a first-ever virtual chat with fans on his wife's Suhasini's Instagram account.

👤 Srimathi Sridharan15 April 2020 2:01 PM GMT
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The director also enjoyed chatting with the movie's hero actor Madhavan. Excerpts

Madhavan: You're not a very social person and don't go out too much, but how are you able to still gather the idea of personal relationships between people, make them intimate, and portray their stories as a writer?

Mani: If you are able to receive an emotion (in relationship), you should be able to bounce it back. If it's relevant and if it has audience, you don't have to go out and get it, it just comes to you as a apart of growing... as a part of existing in this world and as part of interacting.

Madhavan: How do you get the fantastic ability to portray the characters and the relationship between the them so real?

Mani: To an extent you have to gather information, sense whatever you can.. you know get the truth out of it. Even one element that you see around helps you deconstruct a character and expand.

Madhavan: Many of your dialogues from your movies have become iconic like the one is Nayagan were the kid says, "Neenga nallavar, ketavara". But everything has been short, maybe like a monosyllable (chuckles). However in Alaipayuthey, I say "Nee azhaga irukanu ninaikala…… yosichu sollu.". I feel it's a long dialogue, it's six lines! You been a realistic filmmaker, you should have thought that it's a dialogue-ish dialogue. But you still let it be in the film. What made you have it? Because I have never known you in any of the other films to have long dialogues. What made you have that dialogue in the movie.

Mani Ratnam: Maybe it's just for you!!

Congratulating the director on the success of Alaipayuthey. Madhavan said Mani Ratnam has changed his life completely and he is grateful in more than one way because on the sets of Alaipayuthey, Mani kept insisting Madhavan that he should learn all aspects of cinema and not just acting. "He made me be an associate and an assistant director. He also made me manage the crowd in the background!," he said on the live Instagram collaboration-in chat.

After the chat with Madhavan, Mani Ratnam was bombarded with questions from his fans via comments.

Check out the video to watch the interesting conversation!

Video courtesy: Missus Maggy YouTube account