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Palm oil is good for health

Here are some facts that breaks the myth

👤 Srimathi Sridharan22 July 2020 8:44 AM GMT
Palm oil is good for health
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Palm oil is one of the most widely-used oils in the world today.

Extracted from a plant, the oil is not harmful to the body.

The plant is widely-grown in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The people buy unrefined oil from Malaysia and convert it to the quality used for cooking.

Palm oil is a type of fruit obtained from the nut and its flesh. Pure palm oil is red in color. 20 to 25 percent of palm oil is available from 15 kg of fruit. Just 100 grams of palm oil is estimated to contain 884 calories.

It is high in vitamin E. This fruit in particular contains levels of vitamin E that are not found in any other fruit. Unrefined oil is usually high in vitamin E. So as far as palm oil is concerned, it is good for the body if not used much.